LAKSHMI – Lullaby

Lullaby starts off rather quietly with some tender synth melodies lulling you into a false sense of security as the ethereal vocals of LAKSHMI alleviate the stresses of the outside world until you reach a state of pure blissful tranquility. Then the chorus arrive and we’re launched into volcanic eruption of expressive synth melodies with an undeniable fierceness that is reminiscent of Halsey as the vocals come out with a fiery passion that leaves me breathless and begging for more.

Named after the goddess of love, LAKSHMI has always sung about love and the effects it can have upon us but Lullaby is something else with it showcasing a stormy volatile style of love through the phenomenal production darkly tone poetic lyrics. She has a necromantic sound with an alternative pop twist, pop noir as she’s aptly titled the genre, that is entrancing from the first note to the last.

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