Jack Swing – Get What’s Mine For You


Funk as a genre has been on the rise in popularity as of late with the likes of Uptown Funk topping charts across the globe and Sax by Fleur East becoming a house party favourite in the UK, but no one has brought that genre to life quite like the Pittsburgh band Jack Swing. If you close your eyes and listened you’d think you were listening to a classic funk album from the 1970’s with an over-zealous vocal performance and confident carefree production that makes you completely lose yourself in the music, this is a band who you need to see live to get the full experience.

Get What’s Mine For You is a classic in the making, the verses contain a surging bassline that propels you into a dancing frenzy before the high octane chorus arrives turning the piece into a stadium anthem, complete with high pitched vocal hooks that Earth Wind & Fire would be jealous of. After a few seconds of listening you’ll get a surge of energy that will make you feel like you can dance for hours on end and if you had this track on repeat then it’s damn well possible you could do that, especially with the slick guitar solo that ends this piece on a glorious high.

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