Middle Part – Heartbeat

Being in your 20’s is a rollercoaster of an experience. You never truly know what you’re doing when trying to navigate life and are often getting frustrated by the world you’re living in where you’re not currently where you thought you’d be at this time in your life. It can be an undeniably disheartening which is why it inspired musicians like Brooklyn-based indie pop artist Middle Part who through his synth ladened, 90’s influenced music brings a message of wanting to feel whole within this chaotic time as he explains below:

The lyrics go, ‘I feel like a heartbeat/ In the middle of a movie/ Like a lonely lover/ Trying to get a grip.’ It’s suppose to paint a picture of me watching myself fall apart. The song is centered around that chaotic feeling somebody in their 20’s can feel when they’re learning to navigate life or what ‘the point of it all’ is. I think ultimately though if I’d pull a message from the song it’s the desperation of wanting to feel whole.

Honestly Heartbeat is a therapy session for anyone in their 20’s, every lyric could easily connect with my own life as the somber yet uplifting production takes you by the hand and pulls you into the world Middle Part has created for us all to find solace in. This is a carthatic experience to show everyone out there that they’re not alone in feeling not entirely there or not being where you want to be. It’s natural and his comforting sound shows that their is an understated beauty to this turbulent time in our life.

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