MORGAN – Alien


One of the hottest prospects coming out of the UK right now is the undeniably fiery London based musician MORGAN who’s the definition of the word dynamite; explosive and leaves a long lasting impact on anybody who dares to witness it in action. She refuses to not be noticed, her debut earlier this year proved it with My Year carrying an undeniable R&B flair that saw the world take notice with her compelling vocal presence entrancing listeners before her trap influenced production comes in and leaves you begging for more. She proved she was an unreal talent and her debut EP she recently released makes that statement even more true.

However the title track of the EP Alien was something else entirely, with a bombastic production comprised of heart-thumpingly dynamic beats that reverberate through your entire body and a high spirited energy that is reminiscent of Rihanna during her Anti era. Add in her passionate vocal performance that has this subtle British Grime edge delivering the slick lyrics to perfection and you’ve got a track that I’ll be playing on repeat for weeks to come.

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