Miles Pascall – Chin Up Head Down

I’ve always been a firm believer that if you can captivate an audience with just your voice and an acoustic guitar then you’re doing something incredibly right as a musician and Miles Pascall is living proof of this. The self proclaimed Shakespeare of Shepherd’s Bush has always been renowned for his poetic lyrical stylings that display the rawest emotions one can offer to the world as he details what it means to be human. The unadulterated highs, the dizzying lows and everything else in-between with his latest release Chin Up Head Down focusing on how others success makes us internally question our own self worth as he explains below:

“‘Chin Up Head Down’ is an undiluted internal process of questioning one’s worth based on the perception of how well everyone else appears to be doing – the galloping horse like rhythm of the guitar, symbolic of the long road ahead coupled with a conversational style delivery of the lyrics carrying a simple but important reminder, ‘it’s not how far you go but how far you go to get there,’ something that many lose sight of in our culture of comparison.”

With the introduction of social media it’s become more easy for us all to see the success of other, be it old friends to current ones and, at times, we can question whether we’re doing anything right. However that’s why a poignant message like Pascall’s is sorely needed, he reminds us through his emotive vocal and divine lyricism that we might not be where we want to be now but it’s the journey that matters, not the end result. This is a timeless single that shows us all that Miles Pascall is creating a musical memoir of the modern age.

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