Clide – Blank Space


Were currently living in an era where everybody can be anybody they want to be, we can effortlessly re-invent ourselves and become someone new in the blink of an eye until we find that one thing, that one look or that one vibe that perfectly matches our own. This is a path we all have to take the long journey down until we discover the identity that makes us feel at home and all of this, plus more, is discussed within rising artist Clide’s latest single titled Blank Space.

The profound concept of this track, showcased through is poignant lyricisms about his own story that evoke a high amount of emotion, is perfectly contrasted by the jubilant production of buoyant synths and cheerful keys that allows his distinct vocal tone to shine as bright as the sun. The hooks get instantly wrapped up inside your head that make this a ready made chart topper yet still maintains the unique style and boundary pushing styling that has made Clide a favourite amongst music lovers globally.

Blank Space is his most commercially appealing track to date and, if all goes smoothly, could end up being his highest charting offering to date with the pop icon in the making just needing that one hit to see his ascent to the top sky rocket.

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