AVIV – Frontlawn

In the recent quarantine era of music there’s been a lot of young musicians coming out with pensive singles that reflect the state of world we’re currently living in with many solemnly detailing all the things they’re missing in this world, be it friends, family, parties, graduating or just one guy who always held back his feelings. Well the latter is what inspired the Canadian musician AVIV to pen this relatable single capturing the wistful, carefree nature of adolescence that many young people haven’t been able to embrace for while.

Speaking about the track the young musician explained that, “Frontlawn was written this past summer. During quarantine I found myself lonely and nostalgic. In particular, I missed a guy that I used to see at parties and social events. He always held back from showing his feelings. I envisioned us on my frontlawn at 3AM, oblivious to the problems of the pandemic. In the lockdown, the ‘frontlawn’ symbolized a release from the confinement. In the production, I tried to enhance this carefree feeling by using live instruments and movement in the guitar melody.”

There’s a magical sensibility to the production of Frontlawn that reflects the fantasy that AVIV is living in, the introspective lyrics engross you from the get go as the coruscating live guitar melodies add a realism to the atmosphere as the tranquil production gently pulls the track forward. I can envision this being played at the crucial moment in a coming of age movie as the characters wistfully look back on their time together before going their separate ways but I wouldn’t even notice because I would be rapt into the gorgeous sonic joyride I was experiencing. Utterly lush.

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