Teezo Touchdown – Rooting For You


No one is doing what Teezo Touchdown is doing in the industry right now. This artist has been a revelation in 2020 with him possessing one of the most creative minds I’ve ever seen, he has that Midas touch where everything he touches turns to pure gold. He’s a polymath in the truest sense of the world with him having a hand in ever part of the creative process, heck if you want to see proof of that go and see his interview with Pigeons and Planes where he wrote songs to answer the questions. We’ve supported him since his first single in 2020 and I can’t see that stopping anytime soon with his momentum getting stronger and stronger with every release I won’t be surprised if we see him dominating the charts before too long.

His latest release Rooting For You, ironically what me and all his fans are doing currently, is another outstanding track to add to his ever growing collection. Only Teezo could make a laidback guitar lead production seem so utterly fascinating with his magnetising vocal stylings adding an undeniable flair to the piece that transfixes you from the get go and makes you never want to stop listening. Combine all that with his music video, which if you’ve been following along has been recorded in the same location every time, featuring an array of furry mascots and you’ve got another Teezo Touchdown masterpiece.

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