Serena Isioma – King

When Serena Isioma’s last track Blue Sky came into my life I found myself diving down the rabbit hole of her discography and falling head over heels for her distinct sound, silver-toned vocals and poetic lyrical stylings that combined have left me in an frenzied state of jubilance. Her unplaceable sound and rambunctious energy made made it obvious as to why there was such widespread acclaim about this rising musician and today I think that praise is going to get even louder with the release of King.

“’King’ is about remembering your worth,” Isioma begins to explain. “I used to have a lot of rich friends. I would do anything to please them so they would let me live their lifestyles. After cutting those friends off then going through a period of isolation, I saw history repeating itself when I got in a new entanglement.”

Remembering your worth, especially within the current climate of the world, can be tricky but Isioma makes it seem as easy as breathing the empowering lyricisms present here that will have you strutting down the street singing, “I’m the king of me,” for weeks to come. The hazy production comprised of fuzzy guitar riffs and a slick percussion allowing her striking vocals to pierce through in a glorious fashion and allow the emphatic lyrics to take flight. This is only the beginning of Serena Isioma and her ascent to the top.

Must Read