kmoe – Flutter

For a while now on this site we’ve been saying how the next generation of musical talent is going to launch us into a new golden age for this industry with hundreds upon thousands of young people honing their craft from an early age to create some of the most exciting and innovative soundscapes out there right now. Generation Z is the future and the rising musician kmoeKale Itkonen, is living, breathing proof of this with his combination of buoyant hyper-pop melodies, exhilarating production talents and fresh vocal making him one of the most highly sought after talents around right now.

His latest release Flutter is one part tender piano ballad that Billy Joel would be jealous of and one part turbulent electronic melodies exploding the track into a vibrant coruscating affair. It’s the most expressive track emotionally that the rising artist has released to date, allowing us all to see another layer of his eclectic soundscape that synchronises with his experimental approach.

kmoe ยท flutter

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