Julietta – Ghosted For The Beach

The majority of us sit at desks throughout the day doing the same mundane tasks that often leave us pining for an escape, a way to evade the drudgery of everyday life and enter a world that’s filled with excitement, joy and unbridled adventure that makes the days feel wonderful once more. Well luckily for us we’ve got artists like Julietta who’s put that fantasy into a track focusing on running away and not having other opinions get in the way of the story you want to be told about yourself.

Ghosted For The Beach continues the ongoing theme from her previous singles for her upcoming EP Levitate, the transition from adolescence to adulthood. That moment of going to work full time and realising your care-free days are tragically behind you is one of those moments that takes a while to sink in and when it does the world never looks the same but Julietta manages to find the beauty within the sadness through this jubilant fantasy. Her glistening synth melodies mixed with her airy vocals makes our imagination come to life in an instant and we’re taken to the world we can only dream of one day fulfilling.

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