abrahamblue – Deserve

Antwerp based abrahamblue has been on the rise for a while now with the musician born to Palestinian-Syrian parents having a distinct voice that set him apart from others like him with his sound fusing the classic soul icons like James Brown with more contemporary Jazz influences, Brazilian BossaNova and rhythmic hip hop melodies. The term ‘genreless’ is thrown around a lot lately but I truly believe that blue is the definition of that term with his unequivocal sound and passionate message he shares within his music being unmistakable.

Deserve is a treat for ears with his euphonic soundscape wrapping itself around you like a warm inviting hug as the flavoursome vocals of Blue gently lull you into an idyllic state whilst his expressive lyrics pairing a picture within your mind of the story unfolding. It’s an unforgettable musical experience that’ll keep me diving into this rising musicians discography for many moons to come.

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