Charles Rojas – Plans Fall Through


Inspired by his grandfather’s classical guitar playing Charles Rojas took up the electric guitar and hasn’t looked back since with the son of Ecuadorian and Venezuelan immigrants debuting his multifaceted soundscape earlier this year in Mixed Feelings. It was a pulsating debut with vigorous beats propelling the piece forward with Rojas’ R&B vocals delivering a strong message regarding mental health that showed some solid potential within this new artist. However it was his follow up today titled Plans Fall Through that caught my attention instantly with it’s zestful energy and undeniable jubilance.

Inspired by finding a silver-lining to all the staying at home we’ve been doing as a result of COVID, the animated track delivers an insatiable funk melody with a rhythmic centre that gets your body moving in no time as the beguiling vocals of Rojas gently take you by the hand and pull you into his soundscape. The whole piece is a charming affair that will effortlessly put a smile on your face just with the Matthew McConaughey lyric alone, a shining light on an otherwise cloudy day.

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