BEKA – I’ll Be There

If you’re a fan of the internationally acclaimed duo HONNE then chances are you’ve heard the mouth-watering vocals of BEKA before with her featuring on their track Location Unknown and Crying Over You, as well as touring globally with them as a backing vocalist. Now she’s taking her first steps as a solo artist by releasing her debut single titled I’ll Be There, a simple atmospheric pop anthem with lyricisms that offer us all a place of solace in a year where a comforting message of love and reassurance is sometimes all we need.

‘I’ll Be There’ was written for my husband following some tough seasons with depression and anxiety,” BEKA explains how the track came to be. “It was a promise to say I see you…I see you during your highs…I see you during your lows…It’s about that human desire we all have for someone to show up for us when we need it most. Whether that person is someone we love, a stranger who gives us a knowing look or even just as a statement of self care – the song is a nod to the reality that part of being human is giving yourself permission to not have it all together. ‘I’ll Be There’ is the message you send to a friend when you don’t know what to say.‘”

Her lyrical prowess is unmatched with BEKA telling her listeners, “I will be there when you falter, when you’re barely treading water,” whilst being backed up my an emphatic drum beat and the velvety harmonies that add a subtle gospel styling to the production. The highlight though is her vocals, her compassionate tone makes these emotionally charged tender lyrics come to life whilst never going over the top, she remains restrained and that makes this whole piece feel utterly heavenly. If this debut is just a taste of what BEKA is capable of then we cannot wait for what she has to come.

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