Sherman Sherman – HOURS/DAYS

I think that it’s safe to say that during lockdown a lot of us have felt the days all slowly melt into one and time go by increasingly slowly to the point where minutes begin to feel like hours. It’s a problem that has become more apparent as the lockdown goes on and the Southern California based artist Sherman Sherman was one of the victims of this issue. So what’d he do? He wrote a nostalgic track that has us thinking back to better days whilst simultaneously looking for the brighter future we will all one day get to experience again.

HOURS/DAYS has a vintage feel right off the bad with disco influenced drum melodies being ever present as well as these dreamy electric indie guitar riffs that have a congenial quality that makes this sound so incredibly inviting. The track flows effortlessly with the fluidity of a river, being able to adapt to whatever obstacle comes in its way as the laid-back pop vocals gently float down to send you into a state of pure tranquility.

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