ONR – Must Stop ft. Phantogram

Love, it’s something that as humans we consistently crave, that companionship of having someone who loves you despite all your flaws and makes everything seem right even when the world is on fire. It’s something we desperately search for, trudging hundreds of dating apps in the hope to find the one. However as ONR so eloquently explains in his latest collaboration with Phantogram, when we leave ourselves so open to finding love we often take a barrage of blows that make the wait all the more painful.

Must Stop is a ready made chart topper in the making with catchy hooks featuring the powerful vocals of ONR that instantly get stuck within your head, a bridge that feels like it’s straight off a classic The Killers record and an emotional centre point that many will find solace in. It also features one of the best lyrical moments in any pop track this year, “must stop falling in love with every girl who f*cks me” – perfect pop pause – “up.” ONR, the next big thing to come out of Scotland’s prevalent music scene.

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