Kid Travis – Spooky SZN 2020)

For the past year or so the melodic punk/trap musician Kid Travis has been making waves within this industry, receiving praise from the likes of Post Malone and Dominic Fike and it’s easy to see why. His sound takes elements of multiple genres to create a soundscape that stands out from the crowd like a blot of paint on a canvas and his latest single dedicated to the autumnal horror season titled Spooky SZN 2020.

There’s an air of Jon Bellion in this track during the chorus with these sensual vocal riffs mixed with these thoughtful lyricisms with a brooding yet slightly haunting production enhancing this further to the point where I get the occasional shive on the back of my neck. At it’s heart this track is a spooky love track that focuses on the dark thoughts we have within out mind, “Wanna show you all the spooky things in my mind,” and how we find that one person who we feel we can share those thoughts with. Keep an eye on Kid Travis, he’s one hit away from becoming a household name.

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