John MacLane – This Feels Fun

With glistening pop melodies, a scintillating production and distorted vocals John MacLane’s music has effortlessly captured our heart with his fusion of hyper pop and emo being a reflection of a short attention span derived from the digital age. Usually that is the case with MacLane’s songs never going over the 3 minute mark but today he’s ventured into new territories with This Feels Fun starting off with his usually quietly tender sound before building to a grand tempestuous end comprised of vehement synths and raw guitar melodies that makes his plaintive lyricisms hit harder than ever before.

The piece demonstrates the inner turmoil perfectly, it starts off as a small whisper that you don’t take notice of before exploding into a cacophony of madness within yourself. Although he’s used to doing short tracks there’s no question that MacLane can create grand epics as well with This Feels Fun being a turbulent affair that we’ll have on repeat for weeks to come.

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