birdtunes – If We Never Met

We often forget that the people we surround ourselves with often have a long lasting impact on who we are as people, so much of who we are is made of what we learn from them and they’re always apart of us, no matter what happens in this world. This is why questions like, ‘If we never met, what do you think you’d be like,’ can be so jarring because we truly don’t know. Would we be better? Would we be worse? There’s no way of really telling but as birdtunes states in his latest release we should often show appreciation for those people who we know we’d be hopeless without.

“(The song) was inspired by my girlfriend asking me the question, ‘If we never met, what do you think you’d be like?’ The question kind of sparked a wild train of thought and by the end of the day, I basically had this love song, expressing my often unspoken appreciation for her,” birdtunes explains revealing how the track came to be.

There’s no big bells and whistles with If We Never Met because the track doesn’t need it. The solemn appreciation he shows for his love made up of candid lyricisms and an intimate soundscape that allows the wild thoughts of this question to run through your mind as you slowly realise how different you’d be without this person. It’s simple and minimal but damn does it leave one hell of an impact.

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