Kenzie TTH – Losing Sleep


Back in 2018 Kenzie TTH exploded onto the scene with her debut EP Dark July having hundreds upon thousands of fans globally worshipping her like a goddess through her natural-born lyricism talent, downbeat production and utterly enthralling soundscape. She instantly became the name on everyones lips and it was easy to see why. Now two years have gone by and the sensational musician is back and better than ever with her fresh single Losing Sleep

Speaking about the track Kenzie TTH had this to say, “It’s somewhere between a zombie state and fever dream, in a moment where I was spending a lot of time in my bedroom for various reasons, only really going places via the memories of a twisted, almost-relationship that constantly probed in my mind. It’s that place where all you want to do is sleep to escape reality, but dreams only drudge up those memories, so you’re left in this weird state of limbo.”

Her imaginative alt R&B and abstract hip hop sonics are ever present through her out of the box production mixed with her uniquely toned vocal that pierces through the production whilst making her compelling lyricisms take centre stage. Kenzie TTH non-conformist attitude allows her to create music that has me completely in awe of her, this is everything you could want and more from this artist. She’s not just one in a million, she’s one in a billion who will undoubtably take this world by storm.

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