MONEYPHONE – Indecisions


I think MONEYPHONE actually described their sound perfectly in their bio, “Always fresh, always classic.” Sounds odd but it is true, their music perfectly captures this modern nostalgia that we all have over the classics we listened to in our youth whilst also being incredible unique and fresh with their delivery. I’d go as far to say that right now in the music world their isn’t a duo around right now that’s producing music as exciting and intriguing as them and their discography is further proof of this with it being filled with a plethora of soundscapes delivered in an outstanding fashion.

Their latest track Indecisions might be my favourite track they’ve released yet with the high school friends expertly showing their lyrical prowess throughout about how indecision makes them feel free. It’s gorgeously produced with an intimate yet emphatic production that results in emotion cascading out of the piece with their passionate vocal performance only adding to this further. Overall this is just out of this world good and I am beyond excited about this rising duo.

Must Read