Imogen Mahdavi – Some Things Are Best Oversaid

There is something utterly captivating about Imogen Mahdavi’s sound and I think her distinctive rich vocal might be main reason for this. Genuinely her vocal tone out of this world and radiates this class and grace that makes her music sound like it belongs in a Chanel advert or someone should be strutting the runway at London Fashion Week to it. She’s amazed previously within her hauntingly beautiful track Crowd of Thoughts and today she’s continuing her hot run of form with Some Things Are Best Oversaid.

Speaking of the track Mahdavi had this to say, “Life is short and I am not one to be coy about my love for someone. If you make me happy I want to shout it from the rooftops and show my appreciation. I think we get too fixated on being too much for others, not being cool enough, but there is nothing more dope to me than an honest heart and someone who isn’t afraid of being judged for showing it.”

Her celestial vocals kick off the track with a twangy country guitar backing her before the production slowly builds to this vibrant dreamy soundscape that has this elegant quality that makes you feel like you’re floating above the crowds instantly. Lyrics narrate wearing your heart on your sleeve both romantically and through your everyday life because life is too short not to show people how you truly feel. It’s beautifully introspective in many ways and has chills going down my spine.

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