BIIANCO & TRACE – I’m Not Invited

BIIANCO is the electronic chill-wave brainchild of LA-based multi-instrumentalist and producer, Gabby Bianco, who’s consistently been entrancing fans across the world with her swirling synth melodies, blossoming electronic beats and a lusciously textured soundscape that would have any seasoned produced jealous. Today the queer produces collaborates with TRACE in the anthem of appreciation for who we are titled I’m Not Invited.

Speaking of the track TRACE had this to say, “When Gabby and I got together for the first time to write a song it was almost amusing how easy it was to feel on the same page as we chatted about life, LA, friends, lovers, etc. We landed on the notion that we felt at times, out of place. 

“I’m Not Invited is our natural yet wry attempt to say as much as the industry, relationships, and even “the crowd” demanded of us as artists and as female, living up to a standard is exhausting, impossible, and can be hurtful. And though we’ve caught ourselves in our pasts trying to blend in, playing it cool and giving up pieces of ourselves to be accepted, we aren’t going to anymore. A lot of that has to do with confidence I think that comes with age. So I’m Not Invited is ultimately an anthem of appreciation for who we are. A little different, a little weird, and women who don’t care what people think of them anymore.”

It’s a weird single but the powerful message it has makes sense as to why this is. It’s about not caring what others around you think, not caring if you’re a bit different to what the norm is, just being unapologetically yourself and not giving a toss what anyone else thinks about it. It’s weird, it’s wonderful and it’s exactly the type of track you need to hear if you’re feeling uncomfortable within yourself right now, it’ll pick you right up.

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