Wordsbyjuni – he said, she said

As his name suggests the UK born singer songwriter Wordsbyjuni values storytelling and lyricism above all else in his music. Throughout his back catalogue of music the more you listen the more enthralling stories you come across, honestly his discography could be a library with the amount of well crafted and classic stories he’s written through his lyrics. If you need any proof of this then all you’ve got to do is listen to his latest single titled he said, she said which the artist talks about in more detail below:

“‘he said, she said’ is a song about the ebb and flow of a serious relationship. As always, you start in off in love, but over time little things begin to nag at you and resentment builds up, culminating in one of those fights where you’re yelling horrible things at one another and breaking furniture. Only to later calm down, have some bomb make-up sex and remember why you fell in love with each other in the first place. ‘He said, she said’ sonically frames this cycle of conflict and dis/connect within an ever-present undercurrent of love.”

His songs are often genre bending and this piece is no different with it having pop hooks, R&B melodies, hip hop beats and a punk sensibility, four genres that shouldn’t work together but he makes it seem as easy as breathing. The lyrics are outstanding as per usual and the vocal is the crown jewels of the whole piece that has me begging for more.

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