DBMK – I Heard You Had A Girlfriend

One of my favourite discoveries this year has been the St. Petersburg, Florida native duo DBMK who’s dynamic genre bending sound has often been a place of solace for me ever since they release their track Refrigerator a few months ago. They just manage to make you feel the whole spectrum of human emotion through their candid lyricisms that take you by the hand and pull you into their sonic universe filled with heartache and an inner chaos that is hard not to fall for. If you’re a fan of acts like The 1975 then you need to check these guys out ASAP.

I Heard You Had A Girlfriend is their latest track and instantly it puts you into a John Hughes coming of age movie with the loveable melodies, catchy hook and divine production that just screams teen adolescence. There’s just such a wonderfully charming atmosphere that makes it impossible not to smile as the track begins to play, even now as I am writing the melodies begin to take me away and make all the worries of modern day living melt away and what’s replaced is nothing but happiness. Genuinely adore this duo and if you haven’t heard of them yet be sure to dive into their sound and experience it for yourself.

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