LPX – My Best

I still remember way back in 2017 when LPX first graced my ears for the first time with her explosive and downright addictive debut Tightrope and ever since then she’s consistently delivered brilliant pieces of self proclaimed DIY pop brilliance. She never misses a beat with her music having this classic rock feel to it with the dynamic nature of the production and anthemic sound she often creates but brings it into a more pop orientated setting that was meant to be played in stadiums across the globe.

Today she’s continuing that with My Best which she describes, “an anthem for anyone and everyone just doing their goddamn best to get by right now.” The world sucks right now and this track is the little bit of light breaking through the clouds of a thunderstorm with the empowering and uplifting lyrics making you feel like anything is possibly as the high spirited vocals pierce through the vibrant production in a gorgeous fashion. It’s everything we could’ve asked for and then some from LPX.

Must Read