That Kid – Skater Boy

Hyper pop has been a large talking point on the music industry over the past few months with many new artists coming out and offering us their own unique take on the explosive sound. I’ve heard countless tracks within this genre but damn I’d be lying if I didn’t say that the musician That Kid had me dancing like a madman and having the time of my life as his latest track Skater Boy played for the first time.

There’s such joy coming from this track with the playful production featuring an array of vibrant melodies mixed with the flirty high energy vocals and general feel good vibe this song has to it. That’s the thing though, That Kid doesn’t take himself too seriously in his music and he flourishes as a result of this because he’s not afraid to go out there where other artists wouldn’t dare venture. He’s exciting, silly and downright genius, loved every moment of this.

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