Hong Kong Boyfriend – Tiramisu

Without a doubt one of the best debuts of the year has to be from Hong Kong Boyfriend who appeared from out of nowhere with his spectral debut Cold Waters was a candid affair with copious amounts of emotion cascading down upon you throughout with his evocative delivery and passionate lyricisms. He didn’t just arrive, he made a statement of intent that instantly made him one of the best artists to come out of 2020 and he’s only proving that further today with another sensational single.

Tiramisu is about being in love with someone you’re not supposed to be with, and the feeling of being seen for who you truly are with the expressive lyricisms detailing this perfectly as the divinely smooth and zealous vocals of HKB make them come to life. It’s alternative pop at its finest with the lovelorn production only adding to the wistful and mesmerising qualities he has in his music. This artist really is something special.

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