B.Miles – brenna@some9to5.com

People often picture the life of a musician as extremely glamorous with you performing at late night shows in front of hundreds of adoring fans and feeling like you’re on top of the world before going home to your luxurious home to produce more music and wait for your next show. However the reality is a lot different where you’ll go from performing at a show to getting up at 9AM the next morning to go to your mundane day job and it’s this stark contrast that inspired B.Miles in her latest single brenna@some9to5.com.

It details the highs and lows of surviving as an artist in New York with the candid lyricisms detailing her innermost thoughts and feeling regarding her current situation. It channels the same feeling Dolly Parton was giving across in her hit song 9 to 5 but tells the story through a creatives perspective. It’s raw, it’s honest and it’s exactly what makes B.Miles’ music so enthralling for so many of her fans, utterly brilliant.

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