Adam Pastel – WHEN UR AROUND

If you haven’t heard of Adam Pastel yet then it’s time to dive into the 19 year old’s fresh inviting sound as he has the potential to be one of the next big things out there in the music world. He has such a vibrant soundscape filled with an array of influences, from Latin guitar riffs featuring in his sophomore single LMK to the hard-hitting hip hop 808’s in his debut single Fly and impressive candid lyricisms he delivers. Today he’s stepped it up another gear with a feature from Miami based musician marcos g in the piano trap ballad WHEN UR AROUND.

It’s hard not to lose yourself in the rhythm this track has with the rather uplifting piano melodies complimenting the deep bassline brilliant as both artists deliver these pining lyrics through their lovelorn vocals. Inspiration for this track came from an unlikely source, a girl whom Pastel sat behind in his college class and soon found himself falling for her, despite never knowing her name, “I don’t know your name but I wish I did.” Adam Pastel isn’t just blending in the background with this track, he’s standing and making others take notice.

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