The Ensemble #17

Boy Made Flower – Ted Mosby

How I Met Your Mother has obviously had an impact on a lot of people on a global scale with the sitcom being one of the most beloved in recent memory, although I never expected a song to be released about Ted Mosby but Boy Made Flower has done just that. What I love about the track is that it’s rather optimistic, it’s looking at love in the way that this character did with all the charm, joy, sadness and pain that he once did. It’s a playful idea that has manifested into becoming something that fans of the show and those struggling to find love will be able to connect with and find comfort in.

Sophie Blair – Arteries

From the very second this track starts you get enthralled in the sound with the opening of these distorted harmonies capturing your imagination, getting you excited for whatever is about to follow. Sophie Blair’s vocals are hauntingly beautiful in their delivery as the poetically poignant lyricisms create a picture in your mind of the story that is unfolding as the dynamic production provides the perfect ominous backing that keeps you fully invested from start to finish. It even has this subtle euphoric nature that is just the cherry on top of this whole affair.

T Star – Keep The Peace / Piece

In the hip hop world there’s been an ongoing trend as of late with more and more artists releasing tracks with a minimalistic production comprised of simple beats and melodic synths that allows the lyrics and flow of the rapping to truly shine as a result. One artist who’s mastering this sound now is T Star who’s latest single has this chilled out vibe to his music that just loosens your muscles up instantly and lets the good vibes flow into you. This is something I can see playing in an art house coffee shop with everyone around loving every moment of it.

i.V KiNG – City Girl

The resurgence of nostalgia inducing music has been something I’ve thoroughly enjoyed over the last few years and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon with the American musician i.V KiNG who’s debut single can be best described as if Woodstock and the discotheque had a baby. Her soundscape stays true to that sound but she adds her own modern flair to the piece with her ethereal vocals that are kind of reminiscent of Phoebe Bridgers and a vibrant energy that adds an undeniably jubilance to the piece. A strong debut for a newly emerging musician.

jusLo – 6 FLAGS

When you’ve got a flow like jusLo’s then you just know every release is going to be a banger. Seriously the guy never misses a beat when he’s deliver his fiery lyrics as if it were as easy as breathing and when you’ve got a hard-hitting production alongside it then there’s not a single weak point throughout the entire track. If this is your first time hearing him then you need to dive straight into his discography today and experience the brilliance he offers for yourself, it’ll be more than worth it.

Pixey – Just Move

One second into Pixey’s latest track Just Move and I knew I was going to be hooked on her sound with the addictive guitar melodies and thumping drum beats stepping on the gas, flooring this track into new territories I was not prepared for but loved every moment of this insane joy ride. This is a euphoria inducing track that takes you on a journey from start to finish, letting you experience the highs and lows along the way until you reach the end of your trail and reminisce about what you’ve just been apart of. Alternative pop has never sounded so good!

Kingstarlight – Monster

When you’ve got a falsetto as good as this you might as well show it off and that’s exactly what Kingstarlight is doing right now. Throughout the track we get to witness the celestial nature of his high pitched vocal that is kind of reminiscent of Earth, Wind and Fire’s lead vocalist Maurice White. The funky synth melodies help push the track to the next level too with a beat that makes your head bop along to it in an instant as the vocal riffs transport you away with their angelic styling. I’ve got a new addiction in this track and I am fully expecting myself to have this on repeat for many weeks to come.

MIAW – Find A Way

This was a wonderful surprise to discover on a Sunday evening MIAW has instantly become a personal favourite of mine with his uniquely dynamic sound that is filled with scintillating synth melodies a quirky rhythm that I cannot get enough of and a vocal that I am falling head over heels for. The best way I can describe this track is that I thought it was a FIFA track, genuinely the music in those games is beyond good and MIAW’s track here is beyond sensational. Dive into his latest project Breeze Delight and experience the joy of his music for yourself!

Annika Bennett – Sober Up

If you’re looking for a track that you think could be apart of your new coming of age movie soundtrack or just want a song that makes you feel like the main character then it’s time to listen to Annika Bennett’s latest offering. Sober Up is an alternative pop track mixed with some rock tendencies that is utterly charming, the candid lyricisms about the joys of adolescence are beautifully written and when you combine that with her honest vocal that brings those lyrics to life then you’ve got the best of both worlds. What a way to end this weeks Ensemble!

Must Read

Stevie Howie – nameless

grentperez – Cherry Wine

greek – karma


Brenn! – 4Runner

New West – Those Eyes