Lil Yamaha – Bear Vibes

I never thought I’d ever be featuring a musical bear on this website nor writing about how insanely talented that bear is but here we are. With her lilac fur, pink claws and feisty production skills, legendary London producer Jasmin Tadijiky has now reinvented her self as Lil Yamaha, a fluffy bear that brings out the raw fiery beats and with a sass filled delivery. Cute and cuddly? Pft, not this bear.

Her debut project came out last Friday titled Bear Vibes and, without question, it is an utterly divine production. Every beat is laid out exquisitely throughout the entirety of the project, nothing ever feels out of place or off, everything feels just right and with the experimental soundscape she’s crafted it’s heavily impressive. However we should be surprised with Tadijiky having worked with the likes of BANKS in the past as well as being chosen to remix the likes of Katy Perry and Petite Noir.

Onto the tracks, Bossy Vibes is a club anthem in the making, similar to Girl I’m a Boss and Drummer Girl, with those hard-hitting beats and the hooks that are on display, easy to see why this was the lead single of the project. Love Like A Jungle is more of a pop affair with a great rhythm to it and some lush melodies in place as well that have an intoxicating style to them, Summer Gyal and Need Nobody do this as well with the latter being my personal favourite track of the project.

This bear has claws and she’s not afraid to use them. Dive into this project and see for yourself what Lil Yamaha has to offer.

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