Rei Brown – Honest

Japanese American newcomer Rei Brown has already been making his mark on the music world with his alluring brand of alternative R&B that is reminiscent of Jai Paul in many ways but it’s his spellbinding and lusciously toned vocal that makes his music so irresistible. His music is soaked with heartfelt emotion with each lyric he delivers hitting you with such emotional weight that it feels like you’re being punched by Floyd Mayweather himself, the lyrics are that emotionally invigorating.

Today he’s unveiled his latest single Honest that continues to showcase all I’ve said previously and then some with a spaced out minimalistic production comprised of soft synth beats and fluttering electronic melodies creating an intimate setting that allows the ardour of his vocals to truly take flight. Honest by name and honest by nature, this is a raw, tender piece of music that will leave you with chills running up and down your spine.

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