Viji – Cherry


Australian – Brazilian London based musician Viji, Vanilla Jenner, got me excited for her debut ever since I heard a 10 second preview of her debut on her Dirty Hit intro video. There was just something about the sound she was crafting that I was utterly fascinated by with the alluring lo-fi melodies and alternative pop sensibilities melting together in this swirling euphonic fashion that was so unique and compelling. Today is the day her debut single came out and, as expected, it is something rather spellbinding.

Cherry is all I could want from a debut and then some with the track instantly showing off the imaginative soundscape and innovative melodic tendencies her music encapsulates. Her vocal has an earnest tone to it that makes her candid lyricisms feel all the more real and the hazy nature of the production helps elevate this intimate yet raw nature of the piece even further. It’s one of those songs that I can see in a modern day coming of age movie just before the credits roll where we get a final glimpse of the characters going off into the sunset together.

I’m extremely excited to see what Viji can do because she has got that extra spark to her sound and an undeniable flair that I am absolutely buzzing about. Keep an eye on this one, she’s got that special something.

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