THEO – Love Too Hard

As THEO’s latest single Love Too Hard begins to play I feel a warm sense of nostalgia wash over me as the retro guitar melodies take me back in time to the early Motown era has the lovelorn vocals sing lyrics about him rekindling a past relationship. It’s a classic slow-burning track that is simple within it’s production but it is exactly that which makes this love ballad feel so tender and real as you begin to connect emotionally to the tender melodies and romantic lyricisms her delivers beautifully.

This is one of those songs that was made for an indie romantic movie, you can just see it playing as the credits role as the somber production emphasises the feelings the leading male had for his lost love. It’s genuinely a gorgeous track that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside whilst making the love we see in this world feel all the more beautiful as a result.

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