marcos g – Looking For Something

As summer slowly comes to an end I find myself longing for the warm days once again here in the UK where I was able to just relax and let the golden rays dance across my skin. Whilst it’s likely going to be a while before that happens I consider myself very lucky that we have Miami based musician marcos g who invites into his summer filled sound through his tender melodies and chilled out sound that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

His latest single is Looking For Something, a track that sonically fits somewhere between Bachata and R&B that I’ve personally fallen head over heels for. His honey drizzled vocals effortlessly melt into the laidback and calming production that oozes these good vibes that will just but a smile on your face in an instant. Combine that with the sugary sweet lyrics and you’ve got a piece of music that I’ll be replaying for many weeks to come to take me back to those glorious days in the sun.

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