Danny Orange – Expensive

Arizona based musician Danny Orange gives us nothing but summer vibes in his latest track that immediately invites you into his soundscape with the warm melodies that slowly wrap around you and make the worries of modern day living slowly melt away. If you haven’t heard of Orange before I highly recommend diving into his discography and taking a listen to Bestfriend as that track is the perfect introduction to his sound with his latest track Expensive being the perfect follow up.

It’s a future summer anthem that was made for these last few days of summer, you play this out at any beach or any park and it immediately becomes a good time. The guitar melodies are a personal highlight for me with the subtle tropical air they contain with the deep synth beats only adding to that further. Add this to your future summer or pre-drink playlists, it’s more than worth it and will become your new addiction before you know it.

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