Dead Emerson – Sucker Punch

Dead Emerson is one of those artists who is a one man team with him writing, performing and producing all the music he creates in isolation from his small room bedroom in Northern Los Angeles. It’s this method that has lead to him creating his punchy alt rock sound with a raw untouched production that makes the insightful lyricisms he writes feel more evocative as a result of this. His previous releases 24 and Fools Gold were prime examples of his songwriting prowess and his latest track continues to showcase it.

“I felt like I was becoming a sim,” He begins to explain. “My desire for independence in both friend and romantic relationships overtook my willingness to foster interdependence. And while I agree people in relationships should be autonomous, I can’t help but wonder if I have taken that sentiment too far. Sometimes it feels like the only thing that could wake me up is if romance materialized out of thin air and, quite literally, socked me in the face.”

Sucker Punch offers, and excuse the wording of this, a punchy production comprised of heart-racing guitar melodies that give off an absurdist yet irresistibly catchy vibe to them as the percussion section propels the track forward in a way that’s quite reminiscent to The Vaccines. The vocals have a raspy quality to them that makes the heartfelt and thought provoking lyrics come to life in an instant. Raw and powerful stuff that makes this his strongest track yet in my eyes.

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