The Ensemble #16

Black Haus – Burn it Down

Until I stumbled across their latest single I hadn’t heard much about the quartet Black Haus but Burn it Down has made me an instant fan. Their sound is hard to pin down to any genre because it has this air Portugal The Man about it during the opening before going into a more funk orientated style later on mixed with this classic 90’s indie rock guitar melodies. All these genres together sounds like a disaster but these four incredible men make it damn near irresistible and the more I listen the more addicted I get to their intoxicating music.

Butterknife – Dazed

When a band’s bio is, “We turn butterknife into a meat cleaver, welcome to the butchery babe,” you already know they’re gonna have something special about them. Butterknife impressed us with their debut single back in 2019 with Misty having this classic coming of age movie feel to it and their follow up single Dazed continues to build upon that soundscape further. It’s a laidback piece of alternative rock with a 60’s feel to it with vivid lyrics and ethereal vocals that put you into a state of bliss instantly as the gorgeous production lifts all the modern worries up off of your shoulders and transports you somewhere brand new. Strong stuff from this rising band.

Mamii – Blonde Boy

Since 2019 Mamii has been consistently releasing music that has shown off her beautifully toned and silky smooth vocal whilst developing her own artistry in the process. Over the years she’s been slowly growing and recently she made a breakthrough with her two part single Blonde Boy being one of her most compelling releases yet whilst simultaneously hitting the potential she’s had over the years. Both parts of the single show off her incredible voice and give us different insights into her soundscape with one part being more retro where as the other has more of a modern flair to it. Overall keep an eye on her because she’s ready to blow up.

Nat Slater ft. ZieZie – Pattern Up

The vocals of Nat Slater are always absolutely lush and her latest single Pattern Up featuring ZieZie is no exception to this rule. The track is filled with nostalgia with a classic 90’s R&B tinged production that has me thinking back to the likes of Aaliyah with some modern day house beats and a funky bass line adding to ambience it all creates. Then during the final third we have ZieZie arriving with his slick vocals and dynamic flow which adds an extra bit of flair to the piece and leaves us impressed yet again by the talent Nat Slater has.

Jesse Aaron – Lost in a Lesson

For me the lyrics are the most important part of any song, I know this isn’t the case for a lot of people but the lyrics are always what I find a connection with where I’ll consistently go back to a part in a song just to relive the lyrical highlights and have it on repeat for days to come. Jesse Aaron’s latest single does that for me with his lyrics having this poetic sensibility around them that is drenched with heartfelt emotion, offering an insight into the world surrounding him. Combine that with the intimate production and you’ll slowly find yourself getting lost within his music.

The Yves – The Blvd

The Yves are the truest definition of a DIY act with the majority of their music being recorded in one of the duo’s apartments but that hasn’t harmed the quality at all with gorgeous melodies combined with a 80’s/90’s rock production that is dripping with nostalgia. However what I love is that they add their own twist to the sound as their lyrics discuss the life and struggles of the millennial generation and what life in 2020 is like for them. It’s a simple yet elegant piece that showcases makes an instant connection and has me diving head first into their soundscape.

Hollo – Tears Dry

I’d describe Hollo’s soundscape as early Frank Ocean meets the instrumental tracks in all The 1975 albums with his sound blending modern pop and R&B together effortlessly through his soothing vocals tones, emotive melodies and hypnotic beats to match. Having begun writing songs in middle school and not stopping it’s easy to see why he’s so ahead of the game with his music and with this being his debut track we can only presume there’s even more great things to come from this young musician.

Eleni Drake – Peaches

Intimate storytelling is always an incredibly difficult thing to get right for a lot of musicians but Eleni Drake has made it seem as easy as breathing in her track Peaches. The tender soundscape she’s crafted has an ambient nature to it that allows the ethereal vocal she has to pierce through it all before hitting these glorious notes that’ll send shivers down your spine almost instantly. It’s one of those tracks that will have you reaching for the tissues in a matter of seconds.

Tysonsghost – Laments

And we end this list off with a rather compelling, intimate, tender and gorgeously produced debut track from new artist Tysonsghost. It’s a minimalistic track with a spaced out production comprised of mystical piano melodies, laidback somber beats and an electronically enhanced vocal that floats effortlessly above it all as it delivers these fascinating lyrics. It shows a lot of potential in this musician who’s managed to create a soundscape that is unique as his voice and has me quite excited for what else is to come from him.

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