Jaye Locke & Willow Stephens – Setbacks/Comebacks

As the summer months slowly come to an end it’s lucky we have artists like Jaye Locke and Willow Stephens to keep the summer vibes going all year around with their warm inviting collaboration titled Setbacks/Comebacks. Warm inviting melodies lead the track with vibrant piano melodies, laidback tropical synths and deep basslines adding to this summery atmosphere as well as Stephens’ lusciously toned vocals that duck and weave in-between each beat as they melt into that glorious production.

What I love most though is the positive outlook the lyrics have in the piece. 2020 has been what a lot of people would describe as a setback but these lyrics encourage us to take this issue and turn it into a comeback, brush it all off and go from the bottom to the top in a swift motion against the odds. It’s the laidback track we all need right now and I am loving every moment of it.

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