EFÉ – Table For Two

Ireland’s music scene has been popping off for a while now with a ton of new artists coming out from the country and releasing quite mesmerising pieces of music. Whether it be pop music like the band ELM, hip hop like JyellowL or mesmerising pieces of alternative R&B from artists like the mesmerisingly talent EFÉ who today has expanded upon her sonic universe that she introduced us to in her debut track Seven a few months ago.

Table For Two puts EFÉ’s lusciously toned vocal front and centre with the intimate production of tender guitar melodies, spaced out beats and subtle synths all allowing the vocal to soar effortlessly above it all with the lyrics just being the cherry on top of the whole affair. Ireland’s lucky to have artists like this right now as they’re exactly what this industry needs and I am very excited to see what else EFÉ can come out with.

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