Harley Sulé – Love The Way It Makes You Feel


For his second release, under his own name, Harley Sulé is continuing to showcase his candid storytelling, evocative vocal and natural ability to make music that will enthral you from start to finish. His debut single Something Good is an utterly stunning introduction to his new sound with a palpable bass line that pulsates through your body and honest lyrics that had me falling for his sound in a heartbeat. His latest offering Love The Way It Makes You Feel expands on this sound further that artfully soars throughout.

A sparse jazz influenced piano leads the track creating an intimate atmosphere that allows for the poetic lyricisms of Sulé about a friendship falling apart to truly shine as his earnest vocals bring them to life, consistently sending shivers down my spine. It’s an elegant affair that manages to strip down all the barriers Sulé has held up in the past and take it down to the bare bones, showing only himself and his distinct sound, making the music all the more raw and real as a result.

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