Haiku Hands – Haiku Hands

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Haiku Hands have had one of the most anticipated debut albums of 2020 by far with the Australian band’s infectious sound being able to turn any dead lifeless party into a vibrant explosion of pure energy. They’ve impressed countlessly over the past with the likes of Jupiter, Not About You and Fashion Model Art all being outstanding pieces of music and, as expected, their debut album is filled these bangers and more like it that will have you wanting to dance for weeks on end.

Their self titled album is the perfect introduction to their sound with the project opening with their debut single before diving into the 90’s House styled track Man Bitch that even has an air of Hollaback Girl about it, which we’re 100% down for. This is what they thrive on, those classic dance anthems you’ll play on repeat at any event to get the room alive and buzzing with tracks like Onset and Eat This Bass being prime examples of all of this.

However we also see a more somber side to the group here with emotive piece like Car Crash coming to the forefront as well as less energetic numbers like Sunride and Morning Becomes. There’s multiple layers to this groups sound that will have you diving deeper and deeper into their music until you discover the very essence that makes their music so charismatic, addictive and downright sensational.

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