nobody nobody – NOTMYFAULT

The dynamic duo nobody nobody might’ve only just started releasing music together but they’ve already shown why there’s such a buzz happening around their name with their debut single SAD! having a slick production comprised of thumping bass lines, addictive synths and a gorgeously warped vocal having me on tenterhooks from the get go. They had that something special to their sound that got me genuinely excited for everything that was to come from them and today they’ve hit a home run once again with their sophomore single.

NOTMYFAULT is everything I could’ve wanted and more with a production that manages to be both high energy and somber with it’s styling as the rhythmic beats propel the track forward as they deliver an addictive millennial hook in the chorus that will have you singing, “da da da,” for the next few weeks solid. The lyrics are a shrug to an ex by taking a rather difficult conversation and turning it into a lighthearted moment with the uplifting production adding to this further.

If you haven’t gotten into this duo yet then dive into their music now because they’re exactly what I love about the modern music scene and the more they release the more I find myself wanting to know more about them. Adore this stuff.

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