Monday, May 16, 2022

Florida based emcee 5an has slowly begun making waves in her local scene over the past few months with her already releasing an EP earlier this year titled S.L.A.Y.E.R, which is a brilliant piece of music might I add, as well as string of stellar singles. It’s easy to see why people are talking about her and she’s only going to get more people knowing her name today with the release of her latest EP.

Last Friday she unveiled REIGNofVIRGO, her sophomore EP, that has expanded her sonic universe to new horizons and got me to become a lifelong fan. If you’re looking for some good alternative hip hop mixed with some modern pop sensibilities then this is the EP for you.

Reign opens the project with a swirling production of spaced out beats and lush vocal melodies before transitioning into the more emotive single Old Rose which is my favourite track from the entire EP, genuinely love this song. Her candid storytelling comes into play in Dyin2Live before Redd V.3 comes in and builds on it all further and will leave a long lasting impact on you days after the track has finished playing. I Feel Alright is the penultimate track that features more hard-hitting beats that is perfect for any pre-drinks and we then end on the absolute high that is Enemies, the perfect end to this whole project.

Overall this project shows the ridiculous amounts of potential that 5AN has to her sound. She managed to craft songs that leave you reeling as well as tracks that would sound perfect at any chilled out party. She’s one for the future and we highly recommend you all keep an eye on this one.

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