Tash Sultana – Beyond The Pine

Tash Sultana is one of those artists who just never disappoints, every single track she releases is utterly gorgeous and breathtaking in every conceivable way imaginable. She’s already injected a little bit of joy into our places of lockdown through her jubilant single Pretty Lady before exploring how success can often change people in Greed and today she’s left us speechless once again with the release of Beyond The Pine.

Speaking of the track Tash Sultana had this to say, “A little bit of a slower, softer approach to a message from within, ‘Beyond The Pine’ is about finding solace in nature and realising the depth of your relationship when you find your one.” 

There’s an undeniable charm to the track that makes it almost impossible not smile from ear to ear whilst listening to the endearing lyricisms that Sultana delivers with such charisma that you slowly find yourself melting into the music and going into a state of pure bliss. The magical production is utterly lush and brimming with life with slick guitar riff, melodic synths and atmospheric beats all blending into one another to add to the harmonious soundscape that radiates throughout the piece. Utterly gorgeous stuff once again from Tash Sultana.

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