Talltale – 26

So I’m turning 26 in the next few months and there’s something about Talltale’s latest track that has spoke profoundly to me in ways I did not know were entirely possible. To put it quite simply the track is a millennial anthem for all of us who thought we’d be somewhere else in our life by the time we turned a certain age but, tragically, things happen that result in these life goals becoming unattainable. It’s something a lot of us can relate to and she’s managed to capture these feelings in one brutally honest track.

The looping synth melodies mixed with the spaced out beats and ethereal tone of the piece instantly draws you into her soundscape before her angelic vocal delivers the poignant lyrics to make you feel like she herself is speaking to you personally. She expresses the fears, the worries, the anxiety, everything we experience during these mysterious and confusing years of our life. It’s a euphonic piece that will stick with me long after the track finishes playing.

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