SCORS – You and I Get Along

Chances are if you’re a music head and you’re based in London then you’ll of heard of the band SCORS who’ve begun to make waves in the English capital through their alternative rock sound mixed with laidback nature of lounge jazz and some subtle funk melodies as well. Their previous track E The Real You became a fan favourite, it’s clear to see why, and their new follow up single You and I Get Along continues that momentum in their tubular lounge rock fashion.

The track has this classic Jazz sensibility to it with it starting soft and slow with laidback guitar melodies mixed with a somber percussion section before exploding into life in the final third with bombastic electric guitar riffs, hard-hitting drums and passionately raw vocals that end the track on a glorious high. Once lockdown is over this is one of those tracks I am desperate to see performed live because the build up from the start to the ending would be utterly sublime in every way shape and form.

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