Badmonsham – Sometimes

Earlier this year Badmonsham released, in my eyes, the best debut single of 2020 so far with Jumpin’ in the Rain being utterly stunning with his poetically poignant lyricisms, intimate production and evocative vocal performance sending shivers down my spine. Since its release it has become one of my most listened to songs on Spotify whilst simultaneously making Badmonsham one of my favourite artists around right now and the Florida rapper isn’t changing that any time soon with the release of his sophomore single impressing me even further.

Sometimes continues to build on his wonderfully encompassing sound with a spaced out production of somber beats, melodies synths, warped guitar melodies and subtle cymbals that make this soundscape something special. The highlight of the track though has to be the lyrics, they’re pure poetry, there’s no other way to describe them with them evoke so much emotion effortlessly as they’re all delivered through the passionate yet tender vocals.

I think it’s safe to say that Badmonsham is something special. He’s gone that special something that makes his music so personal that every song feels like it was written specifically for you. Spellbinding once again.

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