Terrell Hines – Portal One: The Mixtape

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Terrell Hines is creating a soundscape unlike any other with him taking influences from a wide range of musicians and time periods. He’s one of the few artists who’s sound can truly be described as genreless with the concept that drives his music — an even split of postmodern and post-apocalyptic — being how he funnels all his obsessions into what he does best and there’s no better example of that than his latest mixtape titled Portal One: The Mixtape.

It’s an explosive affair featuring a wide array of talent with the likes of Vince Staples and BJ The Chicago Kid both featuring on the record. His lyrics throughout are poetically poignant, the production is expressive and inventive with so many new innovations take place in this record and he tops it all off with his outstanding vocal ability that makes this record something you desperately don’t want to miss.

We got the opportunity to ask some questions to Terrell about this EP and you can read them all below.

If you had to describe your music to anyone who hasn’t heard it before without using any genre terms, how would you describe it?


Is there a track on the mixtape that you personally connect with more than any other?

Not really, every song I make I personally connect with.

Were there any experiences you had during the recording of this mixtape that helped influence the direction you were taking it in or did you know from the get go what you wanted?

The mixtape formed itself I was just the medium.

Is there anything you want people to take away from this new project of yours?

Yeah just be you, express yourself in whatever capacity you can.

You’re a renaissance man who spends a lot of time reading books on linguistics, synesthesia, or evolutionary psychology. Are there any books you’d recommend to our audience that you’ve read recently?

I’m currently reading music cognition and computerized sound. Definitely something cool to pick up and read if you have some down time.

What’s next for Terrell Hines?

More things made by Terrell Hines.

Final question: who are the artists on your radar, who’re you counting in?

I’ve been into the band Sault. The sound and timbre of the music is magical. I keep their music on replay.

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